F2F LogoEver since I could remember I always loved cooking and being in the kitchen.  In the kitchen was my mom, grandmothers, aunts sometimes my dad and uncles would have to get involved. I really loved being there with everyone. I have learned that there was a passion in our kitchen. First was for family the second was for the food we cooked. My first encounter I can remember was when my grandma put me to work.  She said “mix this” so I did. With the biggest smile on my face, I could have been mixing dirt and worms. It didn’t matter I was cooking like the rest of them I was actually helping make a meal for my family. Everybody loved my first batch of meatballs. It was all over for me at that point and the rest of them, they didn’t realize what they started. But there was a whole other half of the story that helped raise Field to the Fork to what it is today, hunting. My father would always disappear early Sunday mornings with my brother and uncles. I would always ask where they were going and why couldn’t I go. I finally got the opportunity to go with them. The day my dad said I could go with them was the best day ever, I was psyched. At first thought it was boring, walking in the cold and sitting and waiting. After a few unsuccessful trips I finally got my first buck. I was hooked for life! Today I have my own family. We do things the same way. We have taken our passion for cooking and the great outdoors and made it a family affair. I enjoy the time I spend with my wife Jeanna and my sons Andrew Jr and Nicholas especially the fact that the boys want do take after me and learn how to cook and hunt together.

Today it’s a big affaire, our passion for the outdoors and cooking has grown.  Between my family, my brother’s family and our pro and field staff we enjoy cooking and all the outdoors offers. Both my brother and I have spent most of our life’s doing something outdoors. From fishing to hunting, from camping to family gatherings or just a cookout with friends. We want to share our experiences and our adventures with you and your families. You don’t have to be the outdoors type to experience Field to the Fork. You don’t need to be any specific nationality to enjoy our style of cooking; you just have to be family. We take pride in providing a creative and unique dining experience.

Over the years I have made some good friends and friends I can now call family. They share the same passion, this why they are part of our family at Field to the Fork.

  • Andrew T. – Founder Of Field To The Fork